Openfield uses a variety of communication platforms in the most emotionally charged environments to create or maintain the emotional bond between people and brands.


We align brands with relevant sponsorship assets and leverage these relationships to build lasting, loyal bonds between brands and consumers.

Strategic Sponsorship Consulting
Identifying sponsorship’s role within the marketing mix and formulating a coherent, creative and measurable sponsorship strategy grounded in consumer insights and brand needs (based on objectives, target market, budget and brand strategy), and that creates the springboard for impactful interaction with target consumers.

Asset Activations and PR
Leveraging the sponsored asset across multiple channels and overseeing all aspects of implementation & on-site logistics management.

Rights Commercialisation, Sponsorship, Sales and Servicing
Developing sustainable commercial programmes around sponsorship assets, packaging and selling rights to relevant brands and then following this up with sponsor servicing.

Sponsorship Management and Evaluation
Via access to 3rd party research agencies, we track campaign results and convert the data into actionable insights that drive future sponsorship choices and management.


We conceptualise a range of visual, verbal and experiential encounters between brands and consumers and implement them in relevant and memorable ways.

Conceptualising the most effective way to emotionally connect with the target audience in environments where they are most receptive.

Managing and overseeing the roll-out and implementation of the entire campaign.

Using selected third party suppliers, tracking campaign results based on pre-agreed objectives and metrics.


We align a brand’s business strategy with its corporate citizen activities to communicate brand meaning and a company’s commitment to improving the lives of the communities around them.

Strategic Consulting
Aligning business operations with social value; developing CSI strategies that are relevant to a particular business/brand and resonate with key stakeholders and communities.

Asset Activations
Selecting credible CSI partners, facilitating a relationship between the NGO and the brand to leverage and amplify the programme through the most effective channels.

Using selected third party suppliers, tracking campaign results based on the pre-agreed objectives and metrics.


Our concepts often extend into the digital & media realm, wherein we have had phenomenal success in being able to engage with the target market directly.

Public Relations
Within the realm of sponsorship PR, we map out the best path to communicate in today’s multifaceted media landscape by providing editorial support, creative strategic solutions, media relations, content creation and exposure measurement.

Digital & Social Media
With our knowledge and expertise in both the digital and social media space, we generate content strategies by utilising a brand¹s key messaging to targeted audiences ensuring that online engagement is meaningful and measurable with the right people, in the right place, at the right time.Utilising our market insights, our new social media division has excelled,
delivering impactful holistic campaigns with top South African brands

Commercialisation Management
Developing sustainable commercial programmes around sponsorship assets, packaging and selling rights to relevant brands and then following this up with sponsor servicing.

Talent & Influencer Marketing
One of the most emotional environments in sport and entertainment is the relationship between a fan and his/her favourite sportsperson or entertainer. Sportspeople and entertainers can be powerful influencers of the behaviour of their fans. We strategically utilise suitable influencers to enhance and amplify campaign messaging.