J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge®

The Challange

  • Leverage the reach and impact of the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge®, its charity, and important clients
  • Assist in structuring and securing of race sponsors and media to enhance race exposure
  • Engage and communicate with residents’ associations in order to ensure positive perceptions within the race route communities
  • Engage, manage and co-ordinate race entertainment and celebrity participation to enhance client and participant experience and drive relevant publicity
  • Identify and create opportunities to profile J.P. Morgan clients to further strengthen relationships

Our Solution

  • Openfield developed a strong communication strategy that ensured that the residents are well informed of the temporary road closures in the densely populated urban area
  • Over the years we have minimized the complaints from the residents by 80%.
  • We built a positive positioning and profile for the 16th J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge®
  • Generated newsworthy and quality content pre, during and post the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge® ensuring that key messages were communicated
  • Generated content for internal and external communication platforms for the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge®

Our Role

Openfield manage all aspects of resident communication and media management for the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge®.


Over the past 16 years that we have worked on this campaign more than R21, 5 million rand of unsolicited media coverage has been generated for the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge® event.